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Harness racing fans within Australia have always been quite avid with the sport having quite a legacy within the country. This is the reason that its not surprising to many that the online wagering venues providing harness racing events has seen scores of Aussies taking advantage. However, while there are many opportunities to place wagers on events held internationally, the majority of loyal Aussie harness racing fans are placing bets on the fan favourite Sydney trots racing out of many popular venues within the region.

Harold Park Paceway

One of the premier locations for Sydney trots events held throughout the season is the famous Harold Park Paceway located in the Sydney suburb of Glebe. The harness racing track has been one of the most popular venues for high profile races held in Sydney and for that reason is one of the main attractions among Australian punters online interested in the Sydney trots. With such an incredible legacy within the circuit having been founded in 1902 as the Forest Lodge, the course is able to attract many of the top competitors in the region making for some extremely important and exciting race days each season. Perhaps the most popular of all races that attracts the largest amount of punters each year is the prestigious Miracle Mile that has been a signature, feature event for the venue since 1967.

The track itself at Harold Park Paceway features a 195-metre home straight with radius of turns equaling 70 metres and a total circumference of 804.50 metres. Races are run in an anti clockwise direction on a surface made from crushed granite and can accommodate races at distances of 1760 metres, 2160 metres 2656 metres and 2965 metres. There have been a ton of popular Australian and New Zealand champions and fan favourite horses within the circuit competing at Harold Park Paceway over the years. Some of the famous record holder trotters include GOLD N GOLD NZ over 2965 metres on 09 May 2003 with a mile rate of 2:03.8, PINKSTWOTTER over 1760 metres on 21 November 2008, FROZEN FUNDS NZ over 2160 metres on 11 Feb 2003 with a mile rate of 2:00.5, and KNIGHT PISTOL over 2565 metres on 12 Nov 1999 with a mile rate 2:04.5. With many excellent upcoming events about to be hosted at Harold Park Paceway during the upcoming season, this is one venue all fans and punters interested in the Sydney trots will want to pay attention to.

The Miracle Mile

Perhaps one of the most popular events in Australia contested among the Sydney trots and definitely the premier event for Harold Park Racetrack is the Miracle Mile. The event is contested annually in November and is run over a distance of 1760 metres. The race has quite a significant history dating back to 1967 and since has been an extremely popular event each year apart from in 2007 when the race was cancelled due to Equine Influenza outbreak. While the race hasn’t gone through many changes over the years, 2008 came with the announcement that the event would moved to the equally as popular venue, Menangle Park.

There is always a ton of high profile, fan favourite competitors competing in each running of the Miracle Mile. Some of the record holders include Westburn Grant in 1990 with a time of 1:55.6, Christian Cullen with a time of 1:54.4 over 1760 metres, and Master Mood with a time of 1:56.1. Some of the previous winners in past years include Divisive in 2008, Be Good Johnny in 2006 and 2005, Sokyola in 2004 and 2003, and Double Indemnity in 2003. With so many high quality competitors expected to show up for the upcoming Miracle Mile, there will definitely be ton of great opportunities available online for all those Aussie punters interested in the Sydney trots.


Perhaps the most notable change that has taken place within the world of online wagering when it comes to avid Aussie harness racing fans is the ability to quickly and easily place wagers on events based outside of the country. However, it may be surprising to some that the Sydney trots remain one of the most popular markets among Aussie punters and racing fans online. For instance, some of the excellent race meetings hosted at the popular Harold Park Paceway and Racetrack each year attract many avid punters. The Miracle Mile, for example, held at Menangle Park Racecourse since 2008 is always a premier event for the region and one Aussie punters wont want to miss.